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Stagecoach: Tips and Tricks!

Being a Stagecoach newbie, having no idea what to expect, going with a small group (of me and one other friend), finding other friends to hangout with was our goal! We left friday mid-morning having food, and outfits (one specific for each day) all picked out, packed, and we were on our way to learn all that there was about Stagecoach!

First tip: Actually make sure you bring all your clothes you want!

  • My mistake: thinking I was being proactive and putting two dresses on a hanger instead of shoving them into a bag. WRONG! When I realized almost to Indio, that I had forgotten them! Thank goodness of retired dads and overnight shipping on that one! Also, make sure to put your wristband on your right hand, it’ll come in handy as you walk in and have to scan it. (People will also label you as a new newbie if you don’t)

2) Be mentally prepared to eat “fair food” as I like to call it, every second, and love it. They had every option there, pizza, baked potatoes, nachos, burritos, grilled cheese, thai food, ice cream, and I could go on and on.

  • Pizza by the slice- Best thing we ate, imagine the cheesy goodness
  • Chili cheese fries- Worst thing we ate, soggy chunky cheese was not all i thought it would be (but still enjoyed every second of it)

3) VITAMIN B COMPLEX!! I swear by taking this, I was never hungover, some say just wait til you’re older than 25. Not that I have ever really had bad hangovers. Take it when you get back at night and then first thing in the morning.

4) Stay at a hotel with a shuttle. Our mistake was about 2 weeks before stagecoach was when we decided we were going. With almost every hotel filled (or crazy expensive), we were able get in at my friend’s Mom’s timeshare! Buttttt that didn’t have a shuttle so we had to get creative with our ride situation.

5) Be prepared to walk, a lot! Not only is the trek in forever, but then we walked all over and with walking, comes blisters! Ugh, if I could never get another one, my life just would be that much more on it’s way to getting complete. For your amusement: Friday we walked 9.03 miles, Saturday 6.91 miles, and Sunday 9.79 miles. Day three I was in my most comfortable flip flops. UPDATE: Since Stagecoach I have perfected the sock combination for my cowboy boots.

6) DRINK, drink a lot, dance your butt off (listen to Luke Bryan when he tells you to shake it), and enjoy every second cause it goes by so fast! And everyday after you will wish you were back, or at least I do.


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Vacation? How about staycation!

San Diego is such a fun city with so many hidden gems and new ways to experience it all! I am a HUGE fan of “staycations” why not play tourist when you only have a short 15 minute drive home. This past weekend I did a staycation at the Pacific Terrace in Pacific Beach- so yes I do work in PB, but have have done one of these there. The Pacific Terrace is right on the water, and you can lay by the pool and see the ocean.

My luck as the date approached was stormy- you know this big el nino is a godzilla and has returned according to the weather people. I swear I could be one with how much they exaggerate. And as much as sitting by the ocean, on a patio, listening to the rain sounded nice, I was a little bummed it was supposed to rain. But hey, that’s life, right?

We lucked out! It only rained on Saturday and then Sunday morning but by Sunday mid-morning it was gorgeous!  I lounged by the pool, caught up on some reading, and then my favorite part- the jacuzzi tub! Heart eyes!  I did also love my less than 10 minute drive to work on Monday morning.

Living in such a destination city, there’s often times so much to explore that we who live there would never think to do. I love love love playing tourist though, because I love traveling and sometimes it’s the only time I have to feel like one. Since San Diego is a destination city, hotels often times have deals for locals, or even on living social especially during the slow time to try and get people in!

~ XOXO, the well rested San Diegan



fri-yayHappy FRI-YAY! The week that didn’t end is officially over, well, pretty much. The hardest part is over: waking up. I know I shouldn’t be as tired as I am feeling- I have gotten sleep (never enough), and haven’t done insane amounts of things after work. But I am just drained- physically and mentally! Starting a new job is hard work, without a routine you can just cruise in.

I am still getting used to the meaning of a weekend, after working countless years of customer service where weekends were the busiest time! As I joined the monday-friday crew TGIF became all too real. As your typical newb, I have been trying to I have been trying to pack my weekend with super fun things (staying busy/fulfilling bucket lists). I think this weekend I am going to try and turn it down a notch. As much as I love doing things, on Sunday nights I have been feeling more exhausted than Wednesday mid week. It’s a constant battle between resting up for the weekend and enjoying every second of not sitting in my cubicle. If anyone knows the secret balance to it- please let me know!

My typical weekend activities:

  • Dog Beach (or something of the sort with Gatsby)
  • Surfing – my new hobby!
  • Cooking something fun aka time consuming
  • Crossing something off my never ending bucket list
  • Seeing friends
  • Trying a new wine (or two)


I’ll be sure to share just exactly what I got myself into this weekend.

~ XOXO, Amanda (the one anxiously awaiting 4:30pm)


How to: Impress Your New Boss

Sooner rather than later, I might add. So as some of you may know, I just started a new job working in sales at a large resort in San Diego, and of course I want to stand out, I want my boss to look at me, specifically what I have done and think, “Wow, I’m glad I hired her!”

But how do we get there? I think I have got it down (at least somewhat)

  • Set your own goals: In sales, this is a little easier than others because you have numbers. For my new job, I started my first day making phone calls, saw what I could do, and decided on a number where I could push myself. While in other jobs, customer service for example, I always liked to think of any new customer as the first of the day, before you got yelled at, before your coffee kick wore off, before you started thinking about everything you had to do when you were off. No matter what the job is- always stay motivated and try you best. No boss is going to be upset with you when they knew you did the best you could and put in 100%.
  • Stay organized! How bad does it look when someone new comes into the office and looks around and sees your wrappers from what you had for a snack, papers, pens, your coffee cup from yesterday, and leftover make up you couldn’t finish this morning around your desk. I am a firm believer in better working conditions are clean- my room on the other hand, we can talk about that later. Me for example, am a sticky QUEEN. My head runs a million miles a second. So my desk always looks so cluttered with stickies everywhere. After every project- making calls, e-mails, whatever it may be, to clean through the desk. It’s almost as if you are clearing your mind as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions: even if you think you are annoying! Why? It prevents ‘stupid’ mistakes. It may take someone a minute to explain something to you, while it may take them an hour doing damage control with a client, or ‘fixing’ something you clicked wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ask everything as soon as you don’t know. Do your homework, but if it’s not clear- that’s when you go with the classic line “I’m sorry I’m so annoying but…” and chances are they were the exact same way when they started. Hey, we all have to learn somewhere right!
  • Bring in a treat: Cupcakes? Brownies? Cookies? Food is the fastest way to everyone’s heart, right?! It shows you are thinking about your coworkers when you are not at work. I go home and bake, and hey I’ll bring in some to my coworkers, instead of my friends. I get not everyone is into baking like I am- so when you’re at the grocery store and see something unique, fruit salad, anything for a quick munch. I am sure it will be appreciated! Just don’t do it too much- then it’ll be expected!
  • Dress to impress: Never worn a suit? Never worn a pencil skirt? It is always better to be over dressed than under. This also goes with one of my favorite sayings ‘Fake it till you make it.” You really have no idea what you’re doing? If you walk in, look around, and do whatever everyone else is doing you’ll eventually catch on! And it will help if you look like you are supposed to be there too.
  • Don’t get caught in the after lunch slump: I am a morning person, and after lunch when I’m full, I just want to go home and take a nap. The morning is over, my coffee is wearing off, and I am dreading getting back into the grind. How I avoid making the second half useless? I write myself a note of what I was doing before I left my desk, that way when I come sit back down I can get back into my train of thought. I also like to take an afternoon walk- around my resort, office, anywhere to get my legs moving, and wake me up. I am of course a list maker, so when I know it is getting close to lunch, I try and make a list of things I need to absolutely get done during the afternoon.

 Stay motivated. Stay positive. Stay determined. With that, there is no other path to go down than to be successful.

~ XOXO, go kill ‘em!


First time jitters!

How to make a blog post relevant to others? My biggest question, as I sit here thinking of what to say, feeling like I’m standing on stage in my underwear. One thing everyone in my life relates to…loves…revolves around, is Gatsby. So as many of you either know, or will come to find out, he is my (not so) puppy! I got him when he was just a tiny 8 week old, and now he’s a (still) puppy 2 year old. IMG_8355

He changed my life in so many ways- what 20 year old gets a puppy and is stubborn enough to train him into a well behaved dog. My trick: I knew I couldn’t have a huge annoying dog who misbehaves. AND Gatsby loves food/treats/anything to get the drool going.

On my times of adventure when I need a side kick- he’s there. On my days where I can’t seem to figure out how to do anything correct and just need a good sob session- he’s there. And on my days where I am so in love with life I have to dance like an idiot (which I know we all do)- he’s there. Whether I am in my happiest moments, or my saddest ones I know I don’t have to face them alone. One of the many things I will be forever grateful and endowed to some giant fluff ball who has no idea the impact he has had/will have.

IMG_0311_2I always go to the quote “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” from Winnie The Pooh, of course, because as I sat there trying to pick a golden fluff ball to take home I could never have imagined the joy, frustration, responsibility, and patience that Gatsby (formerly “blue boy”) would bring me. What started off as a ten pound weight in my heart, took over the whole thing.

As I let my mind wander back to the day I got him, I remember thinking how I wanted all 7 of his siblings to come home. There were 2 boys left, which I knew I needed. One of them was fat- which I called ‘chubster’ who wanted nothing to do with me but just sit by his food. And the other skinnier boy who was all over me- crawling and kissing. I was drawn to the chubster for his fluffy face and how he sat (see to the right) but I did not feel like he wanted to come home with me. The chubster then came to me and kissed me and I call it love at first lick because after that ‘chubster’ soon became ‘stinker’ which to this day is his nickname.

And just like that I lost my bed, I have become the girl who throws birthday parties for him and who’s name tag at work says ‘dog mom’ and of course, the puppy/baby voice took over.

Even though I can’t wear anything black anymore without having a lining of crimped hair, and forget watching any TV show without background noise of a squeaky ball, and the endless amounts of dog food/treats I go through, I look at those puppy eyes, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Want to see more of puppy moments? Click here -> Gatsby’s Puppy Video