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What are the Best Dog Food Delivery Services?

Dog’s health seems to be a growing topic of popularity these days and I’ve been very intrigued. Kibble or dry food is known to be filled with additives that aren’t healthy to our pups and I’ve always thought “one day” I’ll make Gatsby his own food. I read this statistic,  an “average life expectancy of 13.1 years of a dog who is fed high-quality, fresh, real food versus 10.4 years for a dog for a dog who is fed kibble.” And I swear right after I saw that I stumbled across pet food delivery services and thought I’d give those a try! 

I won’t lie, one of the main reasons I didn’t switch earlier was it’s more expensive, but then you really think about it and that’s like me saying an extra 3 years of Gatsby’s life has a price tag on it, and wow was I ready to switch immediately because he’s my everything. Here are the ones I’ve tried and my thoughts on them


I tried pet plate food delivery first and they deliver in two-week increments which were a lot, I live in an apartment and I would think my freezer was the typical size and it was FULL of the containers. They come frozen so you have to thaw them out before feeding your pup and use within 7 business days. I got Gatsby the “lamb” flavor because that’s the type of kibble he used. Gatsby will eat literally anything and isn’t picky but here are my personal thoughts on Pet Plate: 

The Good:

  • You could see the real food in it. 
  • It’s delivered right to your door, so no need to go out to pick up pet food. 
  • They have 4 flavors – lamb, chicken, beef, and turkey. 
  • You can skip/pause the meal service. 

The Bad: 

  • I kid you not over 75% of my freezer was full of food. 
  • They come in plastic containers which aren’t great for heating up and not environmentally friendly. 
  • If you feed your dog three times a day, this food is designed to be fed twice, so you can either divide it up yourself or skip the 3 meals. 

The Cost of Pet Plate: 

Every 2 weeks: 

14 meals per delivery
$72.95 / week


I tried nomnomnow next and they send you a week’s worth of food at a time which is a much more manageable amount of food to store in my opinion. They came fresh so you could pop them right into the fridge, they do recommend if you aren’t planning on using them within 7 days to put them into the freezer. 

The Good:

  • One bag is one meal so you simply open the bag and feed your pup.
  • You can also order probiotic to add to your pups food to help with normal digestion and immune support. 
  • They have 4 flavors – beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.
  • They make and ship out the food weekly. If you want less frequent deliveries then you can set those up too. 
  • You can skip weeks.
  • There were chunks of real food in it. 

The Bad:

  • Every meal is supposed to be based on your dog’s ideal weight and what they weigh now. I talked to my vet and she did the math, and she thought Gatsby needed a little more than what they offered (½ a bag more) so I go through the food quicker or have to supplement his food with something else. 
  • You only feed your dog twice a day with these, and if your dog is like Gatsby then he may miss having lunch! 
  • You can’t change the day it’s shipped out/delivered on. My food gets delivered on Friday and I recently took a long weekend and left Friday morning so my neighbor had to bring in the food. 

The Cost of NomNomNow varies on your delivery schedule: 

Every week:
14 meals per delivery
11 lbs of food
$71.31 / week

Every 2 weeks:
28 meals per delivery
22 lbs of food
$60.84 / week

Every 4 weeks:
56 meals per delivery
43 lbs of food
$55.59 / week

We ended up sticking with nom nom now and Gatsby still loves it! Want to try NomNomNow for your pup? Follow this link for 30% off your first nomnomnow order.

I didn’t try Farmer’s Dog because I actually loved Nom Nom Now so much, but I did have every intention to! Overall, we do love our pet meal delivery and do think it’s worth the extra cash. It is a little annoying if you’re taking your pup on vacation or if someone else is watching him while you’re gone. 

Want to learn more about pet food delivery and how bad kibble is? Watch Pet Fooled on Netflix! 

~XOXO, the dog mom, Amanda


How Not To Forget About Your Fur Baby On Valentine’s Day

February is all talks about love. Whether you’re dodging it and celebrating “gal-entines day” or celebrating it with your one and only. If you know me, I have to include Gatsby in everything as well. Here’s some ways to show your fur baby some extra love + to make them feel included in the love fest all month long.

Talk to them. Some people may say I’m crazy for this, but I don’t care. I’m known for my “Gatsby voice” and I talk to Gatsby all the time. I know he likes it, and can understand because his ears will purk up, or he’ll open his eyes. We all know, dogs are pretty much human, and 100% apart of the family.

Play with them. Grab their toys and have a tug-a-war marathon, chase them around the house like a crazy person, play fetch, and watch their tail go wild.

Teach them a new trick. They think it’s fun, we think it’s fun, and it always stimulates their mind. Working your fur baby’s mind is SO important because it wears them out and let’s you create a special bond with each other.

Brush them, and make them handsome/pretty. Letting them know that you care about their hygiene is a simple way, you’ll often see them licking their paws. By you brushing them, it keeps them healthier longer, as well as I know Gatsby always thanks me by licking my hands after I’m done brushing him.

Go on an adventure. Time spent with them goes a long way. Maybe your pup loves hiking, going to the park, running on the beach. Make an effort to take them with you, even just one time. And you’ll be able to tell how happy they are!

Show them extra affection. The kisses, the belly rubs, the cuddles, the hugs. Every dog is different? What does yours like? Take that and run. Maybe yours doesn’t like to be cuddled but loves belly rubs! That’s fine, they’re just like us- and every fur baby is different.

If you think about it, we’re all they have. Our time. Our energy. Our effort. Our love. While we have work, friends, our loves, our hobbies, activities + THEM! We need to make it known to them that we love them just as much as they love us.

Gatsby is the neediest dog ever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He wants to be by my side at all times, and even better for him if I’m talking or petting him. If you have other ways to show your fur baby a little extra love- I’m always up for new ideas, and trust me, Gatsby is too.

~ XOXO, Amanda & the needy boy Gatsby


Life Update: Gatsby Does Boston

We’re almost (pretty much) to SIX months of living in Boston, and I really can’t believe it. At all. And as much as everyone *cough no one* cares about my story. This post is going to be around about *let’s be real* the star of the show. The furry fluff fat ball I call Gatsby!

At first, he had a hard time adjusting, as many of you know. Every time we’d leave, he’d bark. For hours. But not even an annoying bark, like he was being tortured. It broke my heart. Literally. I felt like moving him was so mean of me, like he was so unhappy, and would resent me. Can dogs resent? Who knows. But I felt like I failed him as a dog mom.

Gatsby, like me, needed time to adjust, really come to the conclusion that this was his home. Danny and I would keep coming back to him, and he could relax. I think what really helped him stop feeling like he couldn’t be by himself was our routine.

We spend an hour or so at the puppy park a few blocks from our apartment. And come back to the same apartment. I started leaving him for 5 minutes at a time, then 10 minutes. Then one day, longer, and longer. And fast forward to now: he’s totally fine. Yes, I still feel guilty leaving him at home all day (a dog walker does come) but compared to his leisurely San Diego life.

I got an aromatherapy for him to plug in when we left (no, I’m not still doing this), he gets a frozen bone of peanut butter, he gets a walk before I leave for the day, and another walk around the block right before. We also leave the radio on, to drown out the feeling of being alone.

I found a lot of fun and unique things to help him transition on Dog Product Picker because they have such a selection! May or may not have found Gatsby an orthopedic bed (Whoops! No wonder he’s needy LOL).

Gatsby traded in his beach days, to city living! And occasional trips up to New Hampshire to lake life.

If you knew Gatsby in San Diego, he looooved chasing the lizards. Never got one, but you said LIZARD and he perked up, and would look around. In Boston? Gatsby loves to chase squirrels, he’ll get up on his back legs when they run up a tree and bark at them. As if he thinks that’ll really make them come down.

He’s the star of the show at the front desk of our apartment. They have a treat jar (yes, very dog friendly) and he runs to it, walks around and sticks his nose under everyone’s hands so they have no choice but to pet him. The leasing office he runs in and lays belly up, looking around for who’s next.

We still try and take him as many places as possible! He’s good in eateries, parks, the usual, so during summer we’d do a lot of outdoor dining, picnics, beach strolls, just to let Gatsby explore! Now, we’re into dinner with friends (yes we have those) and just kind of go from there.

The cold? He’s totally unphased.

The snow? Putting booties on him, I DIED. The laugh from deep into your stomach, and you just can’t help it. He acted like his legs did not work. He acts like it’s the sand at the beach, rolling around in it, digging, pushing his nose through it all. He looooves the snow. He’ll try and play fetch with snowballs, but obviously they just disappear when they go into the snow, and he’ll look for them. Then look at you, like you tricked him. It’s great!

Check back in a few more months for more snow updates! And I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot of videos!

~ XOXO, Amanda & Gatsby


Why I Think I Got The Best Dog Ever

I’m starting to see a reoccurring theme on a lot of my posts having Gatsby in them, but I’ve also come to realize that I just can’t help it! He makes himself always noticed, and he can’t help that! He thinks he’s invisible and unless he’s touching you, you don’t know he’s there.

So here’s to Gatsby, and how I think I got the best dog ever. And what I did when he was a puppy to ensure that he would be the best, I’m not biased at all 😉

First and foremost: Training. I have to admit, I had NO IDEA what I was doing with a puppy. I think the training was more to train me on how to be a dog mom. But I made it my job! And of course Gatsby being so treat oriented helped my cause a lot. My biggest piece of advice with the training is to make sure everyone is on the same page. My parents helped me a lot with him, so I had to train them on what I was trained to do.

Also, (I lied I have another) stay consistent. For example, with walking, “sometimes” not being strict on him pulling, and sometimes it was okay. Would have taught him that he can test his boundaries.

People asked me why I was so insistent on training..well I knew if I put in the time and effort with him as a puppy, it would pay off as he got older. And it has, he listens so well, and knows his boundaries and what I expect from him.

Still after 3 years, I take him to training. He is right now in a canine good citizen (CGC) prep class. Keeping his body and brain active and hopefully becoming even better!

Next: Socialization. I took him everywhere I could, and still do. He met everything- people, animals, kids, you name it. He learned how to behave in crowds like farmers markets, and he learned how to be with kids, he sat there (most times rolled onto his belly) and let them poke his eyes, stick his fingers in his mouth, and yes, sometimes giving me puppy dog eyes to save him.

I think as a puppy this is really important because dogs are social like people (especially Goldens) and if you have a person in the house they become scared of things they don’t see/know.

Gatsby learned “Go say hi” meaning even though you are scared of it, trust me, it’s okay. Trash trucks was Gatsby’s biggest go say hi fear conqueror.

Third: I gave Gatsby my time. And I still do. Not only did I take him places, but I worked with him on his training, do things I know he loves like throwing the ball or wrestling. With time, you gain each other’s trust, and with that you have everything. I know in situations he trusts me to show him what to do, he comes and sits at my feet when he is unsure. I know how he will behave in situations as well, if a dog lunges or growls at him, I know he’ll do it right back.

Last but not least: Pick the right one. I knew I wanted a golden. They are SO beyond adorable (especially when they are fat puppies) and they are a great social dog. There are sooo many breeds out there, you have to do your research. And there are sooo many dogs in shelters that need homes (I got Gatsby from a breeder so I can’t really speak much to that). But I did look at shelters, and knowing I wanted a golden, I was told the goldens go to homes in 2o minutes because they are hardly ever turned in, and are so popular (wonder why).

STORYTIME: When I got Gatsby I like to say it was love at first lick, I knew I wanted a boy ’cause I already had the name. He was so fat and chubby. The breeder didn’t feed the pups that morning in case they were to get car sick on the way home.

So I saw Gatsby and would go pick him up and he would go right back to sitting by his food (not much has changed) but one time when I did that he didn’t, and licked me! I was like YES COME HOME WITH ME! And the rest is history.

I’m dying inside a little just reliving the cuteness, AH! 

Bottom line: If you are generous with your time and affection, your dog will see that and want to listen and please you. If you take the time to train your dog when they are young, and keep reinforcing the behaviors you want, they will remember them and will become second nature.

~ XOXO, Amanda & Gatsby


Top 6 Reasons Getting A Dog In My Twenties Was The Best Decision

Okay, obviously this is no news to any of you if you see any of my posts on instagram that I am in face obsessed with my dog, my saving grace? Meet him and you will be too. He’s taught me so much, and there are so many reasons people will tell you not to get a dog in your twenties, especially a puppy. Here’s my top 6, and I guarantee you’ll look back on the decision and realize it was the best thing you’ve ever done. Don’t believe me? You will, there’s a reason why dogs are man’s best friend.

I had always wanted a dog growing up, my neighbors had them, my cousins had them, and I loved them. But it still wasn’t the same as having my own. I thought my parents were just being unreasonable and stubborn. Then as I got older and could financially make the decision to get one, there wasn’t a decision. And just like that, fur baby Gatsby was mine.

  1. People will tell you, they’re a lot of work. Yes, there is NO DOUBT about that. But what people also don’t tell you is that it’s the most rewarding work you’ll ever do. It was so fun taking Gatsby to puppy classes and having him get so excited to learn. And it was even better to take your 4 month old puppy out and not walk him on a leash and have him listen to your commands- sit, stay, lay down. The basics!

2. You’ll create a bond you never knew existed. Along with a true understanding of unconditional love. Let’s face it adulting is hard. Everything changes in your life, and the dog? Well, they’ll be there for it all. The after college depression where you have no choice but to try this adulting thing out (over 2 years later i’m still trying over here people.) But the hard days, where you want to quit life, you had no idea why your boss was so frustrated with you, or a boy was mean to you, again. Walk in the door and he’s SO EXCITED and there was no one else who he’d want to see come through that door.

3. It’s expensive, yes, dogs aren’t “cheap.” But with that  being said, you will always find a way, cause you know there isn’t a different way. It will teach you to be responsible with your finances and making different priorities for where your income goes. I got Gatsby from a breeder, so I paid the bucks for him. But there are so many different options like rescuing a pup- or even a little older dog, where you can get every benefit from having a dog without paying top dollar.

4. They will teach you responsibility. You don’t have a choice but to make time for them, you decided to get them, they did not decide to pop into your life.  And if you decide not to spend time with them all day, they’ll be bouncing off the walls all night. You want to go out with your friends right after work? Oh whoops, sorry guys I’ll meet up with you later because I have to let out the dog. You wanna go straight home after a long day? Well sorry, your dog needs food. You make it work, cause you love them and it’s suddenly not a burden or a chore. It’s life.

5. You’ll create a new fashion style: dog hair. I have a golden retriever, so obviously you can’t run from the hair. A lint roller? Yeah that’s a nice thought but have you had a north face vs. a golden? I’ll let your imagination wander on who will always win that one. You want to sit in the back seat of my car in a black or dark shirt? Fine, by all means, but I’ll hand you the lint roller as you get out. At work people who don’t know Gatsby (they exist) will tell me I’m shedding. I laugh, and wave my white flag.

6. You’ll always have someone to do something with. My new favorite places to go are dog friendly ones! Restaurants, activities, you name it. I use Gatsby as an excuse to do (or not do) so many things. “Sorry I can’t I have to hangout with my dog” seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life.

All in all, I love my fur baby more than life itself and should probably include him in my will now that I think about it…


~ XOXO, Amanda & Gatsby