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You’re moving to the east coast? You’ll eat a lot of seafood. I got this countless times, so I decided to start my hunt: to find the best lobster roll in New England, a lot of these are in Boston though. Here are my first (few) I’ve had and enjoyed:

They put lobster on everything here…nachos, sushi, fries..not that I am complaining or anything but the classic “lobster roll” is 100% where it’s at, where the pride stays in New England. And don’t worry as I keep trying new places, I’ll be sure to share them as well!

The Lobster Shack : This was the first one I went to, last October when I visited Boston/Maine. I thought it was life changing, and I was hooked. They were huge, and not to mention delish! The scene here? A total shack, my favorite. It’s on the side of a building and normally there are two people that work there, one to cook the food and one to take orders. There’s no denying that this lobster was fresh.

Luke’s Lobsters: There are a few of these in the city. And I was first attracted to their logo, the stores are pretty cute as well. They have good rolls, but what’s better? The lobster bisque, I’m not sure what exactly they do to it. But it hits the spot!

Row 34: This is where I had the first option for warm and buttery, or cold with mayo for a roll. And where I learned always to go with warm. This roll stays in my top few, and from the people I’ve spoken with, they agree. I took a bite, and went into heaven. The scene? Not your “shack” type place, but not super fancy. And the bun? Brioche-ey and buttery, and delicious.

James Hook: This place looks like one of those rented bungalows that you see at schools or construction sites, but it has to my surprise it has very good lobster rolls. It’s a local favorite 100%. It’s a fast paced, like order and get out. There’s a few tables but you sit outside, or across the street has a park. Their bread, could have been better. It was dry and not like a brioche bun, to my belly’s disappointment. You can also buy some fresh seafood to take home!

Kernwood Country Club: I’ve ate here a few times- lobster more than once. I can’t tell you where they get it, but what I can tell you is it’s always good. Always fresh. Always satisfying. Always will be going back for more. Short, sweet, and to the point. But the bread here? Not worth the carbs, skip it and save it for a good bun.

Bostonia : So this lobstahhhh roll, sounds amazing. It has corn, aioli, avo, cilantro, and a few other things in it. It sounds amazing, but there’s a disconnect, I think because there’s so much going on. I like to let the lobster speak for itself. What I would go here for? Their bloody’s..but we’ll get to that at a different time.

Kelly’s Roast Beef: So this place, is your typical “burger” spot on the beach. Except they have roast beef in their name? Yeah, I was confused too. But I’ve heard people say these are favorites. And of course I have to try everything, and it didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t a brioche bun, like my belly likes, but it wasn’t dry. Worth half the carbs.

Bob’s Clam Hut: This place we went on a rainy day, and it had a line wrapped around the building. And it was worth the wait. I love the little clam shack vibes, easy and quick, yet so delicious. They’ve been doin’ their thing since 1956, and has been featured on DDD. They had a “the numbers” poster which I found amazing, and so hard to comprehend..get ready! They serve…47,175 lobster rolls, 1717 gallons of clam chowder, 4200 gallons if tartar sauce, 11,416 pounds of french fries PER YEAR. So obviously they know what they’re doing.

Sullivan’s: By far the cheapest one I’ve had, right on the water in my neighborhood. They also have very good soft serve, so you can get dinner and dessert all in one. It’s a typical order it, then eat it outside, my style. I was honestly a big fan of their clam chowder, a perfect compliment to the lobstahhhh roll.

Belle Isle Seafood:

Sanders Fish Market:This one? A little market in Portsmouth, a little off the beaten path, but I’m always willing to go the extra mile for food. Would I do it again? Ehhhh. What I would probably do is buy lobster and do something myself with it- lobster mac, pasta, salad, something but get their roll. The lobster itself was good, but the roll overall? Not extra mile worthy. If I can be honest..

The Barking Crab: This place has a fun atmosphere, right on the water, live music, and a large drink selection. They have a shareable drink, which I’m always a fan of. They also have the warm or cold option- like I’ve found out I went with warm. And it was good, not amazing, or heaven-esc, life changing. A typical New England roll, but here’s the catch..the service SUCKED. To the point where I was so flustered on leaving a tip. Our waitress didn’t check on us, our food took over an hour, getting a check, a box, more water, anything was impossible. And that carries weight with me, for a broke 20 something year old. I have to spend my $$ wisely. So with all the other options here, I’d skip.

Boston Harbor Hotel : They do these nights “Summer in the city” where they have live music and you sit outside, have drinks and apps. It’s a very fun way to spend a summer night. They also have little lobster sliders, which are beyond adorable. Even better? They taste amazing. I was very hungry when I had it, so I’m not sure if my growling belly was biased, but it’s drool worthy.

Lobsta Land: This is the one place that put a twist on the classic roll, and pulled it off! Maybe because it had avo? The bun was also a delicious brioche bun, buttery, and the perfect addition.

Pauli’s: Pauli’s is in the north end of Boston and a local deli/restaurant. A lot of take out/deliveries during the lunch hour. And you can order either hot or cold, of course I went with the hot. It’s perfect to grab and go sit by the water or on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Neptune Oyster: Neptune is crazy busy all the time. But you have to make time to go! What we did was put our name in around 11:00 AM and then they give you a call about 15 minutes before the table was ready so you can make your way back – and we got called back around 6:45 PM. We got lobster rolls, lobster tacos, and oysters. I loved it all!

Yankee Lobster: Yankee is one of my favorite lobster rolls in Boston! It’s easy to get to, there’s inside and outside seating and the rolls are huge! I’ve tried both hot and cold and believe it or not I like them both. Their patio is also puppy friendly, which in my book is a huge plus!

B&G Oysters: This restaurant is located in the South End and has the cutest little patio! I was obsessed and needed to go! Any warm weather day in Boston = patio dining. You can’t not sit outside with the majority of the year being cold. This lobster roll was definitely top 5 in Boston! You can even take a oyster shucking class, how fun!

Can’t decide? Let’s rank my top 3!

  1. Row 34
  2. Yankee Lobster
  3. Neptune Oyster

Have a lobster roll I missed? Let me know! I’m always on the hunt to try new ones!

~ XOXO, the lobstah’ loving, Amanda

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