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How Not To Forget About Your Fur Baby On Valentine’s Day

February is all talks about love. Whether you’re dodging it and celebrating “gal-entines day” or celebrating it with your one and only. If you know me, I have to include Gatsby in everything as well. Here’s some ways to show your fur baby some extra love + to make them feel included in the love fest all month long.

Talk to them. Some people may say I’m crazy for this, but I don’t care. I’m known for my “Gatsby voice” and I talk to Gatsby all the time. I know he likes it, and can understand because his ears will purk up, or he’ll open his eyes. We all know, dogs are pretty much human, and 100% apart of the family.

Play with them. Grab their toys and have a tug-a-war marathon, chase them around the house like a crazy person, play fetch, and watch their tail go wild.

Teach them a new trick. They think it’s fun, we think it’s fun, and it always stimulates their mind. Working your fur baby’s mind is SO important because it wears them out and let’s you create a special bond with each other.

Brush them, and make them handsome/pretty. Letting them know that you care about their hygiene is a simple way, you’ll often see them licking their paws. By you brushing them, it keeps them healthier longer, as well as I know Gatsby always thanks me by licking my hands after I’m done brushing him.

Go on an adventure. Time spent with them goes a long way. Maybe your pup loves hiking, going to the park, running on the beach. Make an effort to take them with you, even just one time. And you’ll be able to tell how happy they are!

Show them extra affection. The kisses, the belly rubs, the cuddles, the hugs. Every dog is different? What does yours like? Take that and run. Maybe yours doesn’t like to be cuddled but loves belly rubs! That’s fine, they’re just like us- and every fur baby is different.

If you think about it, we’re all they have. Our time. Our energy. Our effort. Our love. While we have work, friends, our loves, our hobbies, activities + THEM! We need to make it known to them that we love them just as much as they love us.

Gatsby is the neediest dog ever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He wants to be by my side at all times, and even better for him if I’m talking or petting him. If you have other ways to show your fur baby a little extra love- I’m always up for new ideas, and trust me, Gatsby is too.

~ XOXO, Amanda & the needy boy Gatsby


The Ultimate Greeting Card Holiday


True confessions from the ultimate cheese ball:

Valentine’s day, single awareness day, greeting card holiday, galentine’s day, so many names for one holiday! The bitter single person, who will get blackout, the best friend galentines day, where nothing will come between you, and everything in between, I’ve been there, so today, I’ll be the cheesy girlfriend that I’m sure everyone knows I am.

#noshame but I hear all the “groans,” ‘this is just a holiday for greeting card companies, for chocolate companies’ and even if it is, so what…

Why is a day, a holiday, a bad thing when it’s a great excuse, and reason, to stop and sit back on how important your significant other is. I think we often get used to them being around, falling into a routine. Kissing them goodbye every morning, see you after work, eating dinner, and falling asleep. But there’s so much more to a relationship than that. And once you are in that routine, is it a relationship? or a companionship? Not that it should take a holiday to realize that, but hey, a wake up call isn’t always a bad thing.

One of (my many) favorite quotes is “The adults will tell you to stop looking for the spark. To settle for the stability and companionship. But I don’t think I can sit next to someone on the dinner table for the rest of my life talking only about my day. There needs to be unsaid communication. The sarcasm that doesn’t go unnoticed. The teasing that doesn’t stop. That good chemistry that you can’t find from just a good resume.”

And how true is that! BAM. I love finding the romance in our everyday life, do I get so annoyed with my boyfriend that I can’t even deal? Of course. Do I give him too much sass and attitude sometimes? I’m sure (whoops). But when it comes down to it, at the end of the day, his feet better be touching mine under the covers.

I think a lot of people forget how easy it is, real romance. It’s more than recognizing a holiday, I like to think it’s to make every day special.  Anyone can buy jewelry, a card, chocolate. But everyday those little things, going out of your way to make them happy. My favorite thing my boyfriend does, is to feed my ginger obsessed self. He’ll give me his ginger from his poke, yes to you it probably doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t. But it’s my favorite thing (almost) in the world.

I think true romance is in the gestures. The I miss you, when you know you’ll see them later. The middle of the day I love you texts. So yes, if it’s a greeting card holiday, I don’t care. Why can’t the person you love get an extra day, of a little extra love? Here’s to other cheese balls like me, who want to be in love, to stay in love, and to forever be the cheesy you in love crazy kids we are today. Plus who doesn’t love a reason to eat 5,000 chocolate covered strawberries and make your dog pose for cute necessary photos.